Not All Modular Housing is as Good as the Next

I've been with the same place for nearly three years. I genuinely the company and my coworkers are friendly but back in September I went through a spat of fatigue. The ending of summer could've have been the but my attitude seemed common throughout the office. The manager must've have noticed it too because he added a business speaking training day to our schedule.

At first I was cynical. My generation thinks these corporate things as shabby. Attribute it to the comedy Office Space. This was before the seminar. But after the seminar had ended my thoughts had undergone a 180. The speakers were captivating, thought-provoking, and entertaining. The exercises were useful. Plus, thefood was tasty. Best of all I went back to work with a replenished sense of direction, stronger leadership abilities, and a better relationship with everyone in my company. This was yet another reminder why I shouldn't trust my doubt.

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